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Local community leaders and business owners gathered this past April for South Harrison Community School Corp.’s College and Career Readiness Center annual business advisory council meeting to assure programs at South Harrison lead to multiple options for student success after high school graduation.

Since pathways were implemented in 2017, Director Jennie Capelle has built long-lasting relationships with local and regional employers to enhance students’ pathway experiences. Capelle said as SHCSC’s pathway circular has improved, internship opportunities expanded and work-based learning programs developed, maintaining strong business partnerships is key.

Businesses from all industry sectors were invited to attend to discuss current pathway offerings, hear directly from SHCSC teachers and receive an update on where the program is headed. Some activities, workshops and opportunities that were shared with the group included:

  • Exploration trips - going on job shadowing tours, site visits and college campus tours;
  • Summer job fair - inviting more than 1000 students from Corydon, South Central, Lanesville and Floyd Central High Schools to attend as well as local homeschool groups;
  • Senior decision day celebrations/
  • Health science lab expansion - using grant funding from the Harrison County Community Foundation to purchase new equipment;
  • Health care certificate testing - students passing their pharmacy technician, certified nursing assistant and certified clinical medical assistance exams;
  • Community projects - lining up interior and exterior projects for Mr. Ledford’s trade classes; and 
  • Earning micro-credentials through education pathway.

Toward the end of the meeting, there was also an opportunity for employers to share workforce trends or observations they see in student employees with the CCR Center so they might be able to support students more effectively next school year. Some key takeaways from community leaders included life skill training with a focus on professionalism, ensuring students are strong in math if pursuing manufacturing or construction jobs and building up their confidence. 

South Harrison’s most popular pathways are health science, business and engineering. Moving into the 2023-2024 school year 12 pathways will be offered and a new life skill curriculum will be implemented in grades K-6 to begin teaching soft job skills employers are wanting.

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