Graphic with a female and words, "Free FAFSA Help Night"
A family standing together smiling
A group of students
A group of students standing together listening to a tour guide
Female student handing a resume out
A female student in nursing scrubs taking a boy's blood pressure
A group of students standing in front of a staircase they built
Woman and male elementary-aged student reading together
A group of students standing in line and smiling
Son and mom standing next to each other reading a sign
A group of three teachers sitting in a group talking
Banne with the words "Harmony 3" written large and the phrase "South Harrison Family Access" written below it
Cork background with words "Save The Date" on it
Workshop with power machines
Student holding graduation cords
Peppers and Tomatoes
Two girls reading a code to unlock a breakout box
A boy reading a book with an orange cover
A family of three standing together
Woman handing a certificate to a young woman who is holding a silver sash