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Mission: The mission of Heth-Washington Elementary School is to help all students to develop individual talents and abilities through differentiated instruction.  The units of study will help students form the critical thinking skills that support their ability to become independent, life-long learners. Teachers and staff will provide all students with a variety of comprehension strategies based on research-based best practices.    Strategic comprehension of text will develop student success and foster a love for reading.  It will also enable students to think critically about, respond to, and communicate their understandings through speech and writing. We will hold high expectations for our students in order to help them succeed academically and behaviorally.  Respect for others is modeled by staff and developed in students.  All of these elements will support our students and equip them for success in their educational endeavors, as well as life.

Vision: Heth-Washington Elementary School will provide a caring and safe environment in which all are respected and given the opportunity to develop and express positive character, attitudes, and values.  The curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every child and to create a positive atmosphere for learning.  The school will provide opportunities for each child to acquire skills necessary to be responsible, independent, life-long learners.




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Heth-Washington Elementary School